Criminal Law Consequences Affected By Mentality

Criminal Defense and Mental Illness

In addition to adults who may be dealing with mental illness or substance abuse, there are a large number of children who are also going through the juvenile justice system with these problems. Many of them have the issues themselves or at some time or another, they may have been exposed to those types of conditions in their lives. Simply sweeping that fact under the carpet and sending them through the system to be put into juvenile detention may not be to their benefit. In fact, that type of action may actually began a lifelong pattern of ending up in the criminal justice system from that point forward needing a Williamson County Defense attorney.

One of the factors that really needs to be considered in this regard is the evaluation and mental health screening for those who are going through the criminal justice system. Rather than simply putting them into the system and allowing it to be sorted out from that point, the mental health screening in advance can help to divert them to areas where they would benefit further.

It is going to require additional planning and coordination for children who are involved in these types of actions. And may include help within the community assistance from the school staff or teams that have been established to specifically handle these types of problems. If it does become necessary for the student to be pulled out of school for these reasons, it needs to be done in a way that is not going to disrupt the overall environment at the school. In doing so, it reduces the traumatization on the child. For more help visit

The establishment of mental health courts would also be of benefit in this regard. This is also something that is going to require some resources but overall, it could be beneficial to the entire system. Because it diverts those with mental health or substance abuse problems away from the court system, it can really help to lessen the load and allow everyone involved to focus on what really is the case, the individuals who are coming through the system and need the proper attention.