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Attorney Business Relationship Trust

If you are trying to build a business relationship with a  lawyer, then it is important that you can trust each other. When you are forming new business relationships trust is one of the most crucial parts and it is something that many people struggle to build.

There are a few ways that you can make your business appear much more reputable and ‘trustworthy’. The most common and obvious are governing body memberships and trade organization memberships. If you have these things, then that shows that you take your business seriously.

There are also organizations that represent good business practice – such as the bodies that campaign for on time payments. When you join these, you are vowing that you will always pay on time, and that if you fail to pay your bills on time then clients can complain to the organization – as well as chase you through normal legal routes.

Trust is earned – and it’s fair to say that membership of a trade body is just something that shows that you have not been ‘caught’ doing anything incorrect yet. But for most people those bodies are a good starting point for other negotiations. Remember that trust works both ways, and that you can rightfully check the credentials of organisations that you are thinking of working with.

Testimonials are another good short term way of building trust. They can help you to show what you have done before, and that you have people outside of your organisation that speak positively of you.

If you are trying to sign a major deal, then you might want to look at milestone payments, so that you know you are getting paid for the work, but your client knows that you will not vanish before you have fulfilled your obligations.